Below are some pictures from nursery along with links to some fun, religious, winter activities and crafts that you can do at home!

Sunday School

The Sunday School begins at 9:30 am with an opening service. In which the children participate in; as acolyte, reading of the prayer of the day, the gospel and the collecting of the offering. The children also recite the Confession, the Lords Prayer and sing the Doxology at our opening service. Then they go to their classrooms to learn the lesson that the teachers have prepared. Each child works towards getting a Wall of Fame medal. If a child can recite; The Lords Prayer, The Ten Commandments and The Apostles Creed they will received a beautiful medal

engraved with their name on it and their picture goes on the Wall of Fame bulletin board. In 2009, Two students received a medal and the Wall of Fame still continues to be in affect.

The Sunday School teachers teach God's word with a fun filled curriculum called "Spark". Every Bible lesson is taught in four steps. 1. Gather: Welcome children and prepare them to hear the Bible story 2. Open the Bible and explore the story in interactive, age appropriate ways. 3. Activate Faith: Try a variety of multisentory activities that integrate Bible learning with life. 4: Send: Come together for a brief lesson wrap up and closing prayer. Every age-level has a Bible learning goal specific for that age. Our Sunday school begins with Pre-Kindergarten (age 3-4) and goes to Seventh grade. Then the 8th grade students go to Confirmation Class with Pastor Alex. During the year the 2nd grade students will attend First Communion class with Pastor Alex and go on to receive their First communion with a beautiful service.

Some of the fun Sunday School activities that are done are: In September- Rally Day, the first day of Sunday School- This year we started off the year with a carnival, with games and prizes. October- Pumpkin picking for annual Harvest Festival. November- Advent Craft Sunday. December- Our Annual Christmas Pageant-loved by the children and parents! In the spring we start the Lenten season with a craft Sunday. Then Easter Sunday, we have the annual Egg Hunt in the Memorial garden (Another favorite!) Trinity Sunday, we make pretzels and serve them at a fellowship hour And then in June, the last day of Sunday School we have our Moving up ceremony.

Anyone interested in joining can enroll their child at any time of the year. Just come down to the Knotty pine room.

Upcoming Events:

February 21 : First Sunday of Lent Craft Day
February 28 : Easter Cottage Collection Begins- Collect food items for the New Life Center, so Easter Baskets could be made for the needy
March 28th : Palm Sunday- Children join Palm Sunday Processional in church
April 4th : Easter Egg Hunt after both services in the Memorial garden

SJILC Youth Group

The Youth Group is made up of young adults from grades 7th through 12th grade. We meet for different activites and events while also serving the church and community.

For more information, please contact Pastor Alex at the church office by phone (516-599-0778) or email at:

Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday at St. John’s traditionally occurs in late January, the same day as our congregational meeting. This is when the youth of our church (grades 7th through 12th) fill the roles of acolytes, crucifers, ushers and lectors for that day's service. In addition to serving at the altar as they would during the year, they are also greeting, handing out bulletins, operating our chair lift, handling the collection, reading the lessons of the day, and ushering during communion.

In 2010, Youth Sunday was taken to a whole new level. This year, members of our Youth Group selected most of the day's hymns, and shared their musical talents playing the baritone, viola, guitar and bass guitar during those songs. We had Youth Group members who led a children's sermon and prayer for our Sunday School students, and the main sermon of the day was also written by one of our 11th graders and preached by two Youth Group members.

On Youth Sunday we see a glimpse of the future of St. John's - and we all have a reason to look forward to great things yet to come.

Lori Fernez & Janet Powell
Youth Group Leaders

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