Worship Times

Sunday Services

To join us for worship on Sundays either in-person (8:15am & 9:30am) or on Zoom (livestream at 9:30am).

Sunday School

at 9:30 AM for children pre-K to 6th grade


Come worship with us! We would love to have you join our church family!
Sunday School for pre-K to 6th grade during the 9:30 AM service.


Worship Assistant

The Pastor each Sunday leads us in Word and Sacrament. For the worship experience to be more meaningful, many lay people are involved. They are trained in what they do, but more importantly, in what it means or symbolizes in the worship experience. Joy is always felt, as the Holy Spirit is felt working within them.

Assisting ministers assist the Pastor in the preparation of the Eucharist and in reading the prayers of intercession and of thanksgiving.

The Gospel bearer carries the Bible into the midst of the congregation for the reading of the Gospel, symbolizing Christ coming into the midst of his people.

The Crucifer leads the procession into the church during the “Gathering Hymn” and the recession during the “Sending Hymn”. The Cross that is held symbolizes Christ being among his people.

Our Ushers arrive early to make sure everything is in order for those who are about to worship. They always have a pleasant smile and greet everyone, member or guest, to the worship experience. They are present to help people and assist in the offering and in communion. The ushers are the last to leave, insuring that everyone has left safely.


Role of the lector

Role of Lector

The Lector is responsible for reading the first and second Bible readings prior to the Gospel. These passages from the Bible are chosen to correspond to the church calendar and the topic for the weekly sermon. The Lector comes to the pulpit for the first reading after the Pastor completes the Prayer of the Day. The second reading is read after the Psalm is sung by the choir director and the congregation. As a Lector, you have the opportunity to serve the church and participate in a special way.

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